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Very small batches of beer craft-brewed in Centerport, Long Island, New York
Originally located in a tiny former garage since 2008, we are moving the brewery to a yet-to-be identified larger space soon-ish.
Watch for news as we have it...


How small is a very small brewery?

Conceived in 2006, Federally-licensed in 2007, and finally launched with NY State licensing in 2008 while brewing ten-gallon batches, Blind Bat expanded in 2010 - upgrading from a 1/3-barrel system (10 gallon batches) to a 3-barrel system (93 gallon batches). All this has been in a tiny 340-square foot space, not open to the public.

It had pretty much been a part-time one-man operation while I continued to hold down a "regular" job, the brewery is now in a period of transition. Beer had not flowed as regularly as it does with a normal full-time brewery, but that is changing as we expand. See the Brewhouse Blog for more about the bumpy road to relocation and expansion.

All of the graphics and labels are designed by me as well, so if you don't like the beer or the label, I'm to blame for both (and that goes for this website, too).

Besides, "What kind of nut tries to start such a small brewery?"
the #1 question so far has been "Why is it called the 'Blind Bat Brewery?'"

Back during Prohibition, speakeasies were often called "Blind Pigs" or "Blind Tigers."  I almost named the brewery "Blind Tiger" (even drew up a logo),  but found that the name was already taken.

I happen to be extremely near sighted (without corrective lenses, something will have to be three inches away from my nose to be in focus) as well as colorblind (which can be a challenge to a cartoonist and illustrator)1,  so the name became the "Blind Bat Brewery" instead. 

Also, if I'm wearing glasses instead of contacts, the brew kettle steams my glasses so much that I can't see.

As my Polish, Irish, German, and French forebears would say,
"Na zdrowie, Sláinte, Prost, and
À votre santé !"

Paul Dlugokencky
The Blind Bat Brewery LLC


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Last Updated: 2 January 2016