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Blind Bat Brewery Bistro & Take-Away

94 Washington Drive, Centerport NY

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Our beer menu is updated as we get more beer brewed...
Last Updated: 18 August 2019.

Blind Bat Brewery Beer
On Tap: $6.00/12 oz pour

Devil’s Belt Red IPA, 7.6%  ABV
Lots of “Grapefruit” character, sweet malts with hint of tart (think Jolly Ranchers)

Harborfields Hefeweizen 6% ABV
Following a traditional recipe using all New York State grown wheat, barley, and hops.

Long Island Potato Stout  3.7% ABV

Our take on a Dry Irish Stout, with Long Island potatoes peeled, cooked, mashed and then added to the mash of barley (“Twice Mashed”)

Old Walt Smoked Wit 5.2% ABV

Citrus-tart with a bit of smoke (We smoke 15% of the wheat over mesquite, our least smokey smoked beer.)

Honey & Basil Ale 6.2% ABV
Brewed with local basil and New York State honey.

Hellsmoke Porter 5.4% ABV
A lighter Summertime version of our smoked porter, with barley smoked over apple and alder wood at the brewery.

Flights 4 oz pour selection of four

Growler Fills (for off premise consumption only)
32 oz growler with cap $3.00 
32 oz growler refills $10.00
64 oz growler refills $20

Synergy-Tahoma Lager
Devil’s Belt Red IPA
Saison du Soleil
Commack Common
Eye Chart Ale (ESB)

Wine by the Glass

Macari Sette, Red

(Blend of 50% Cabernet Franc and 50% Merlot. Medium bodied and soft with notes of black cherries, olives, and baking spices.)

Macari, Chardonnay Reserve, 2016

(100% Chardonnay, Bottle Fermented) 

Wine by the Bottle (Take-away only)

Macari, Chardonnay Reserve, 2016 Bottle

Soft Drinks

Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale, $2.25 (plus .05 bottle deposit)
Harney + Sons Organic Apple Juice, $2.25

Saratoga Spring Water

Sparkling Saratoga Spring Water, $1.95 (plus .05 bottle deposit)
Still Saratoga Spring Water, $1.95

Coastal Craft Kombucha

Coastal Craft Kombucha “Ahoy Mate,” $5.00 (plus .05 bottle deposit)

Coastal Craft Kombucha “Calm Seas.” $5.00 (plus .05 bottle deposit)
Coastal Craft Kombucha “Lemon Earl Grey,” $5.00 (plus .05 bottle deposit)

Coming soon:

Beer Canned on Demand
Hard Cider